Website Builder - Sample 5 Page Website

Website Builder makes it fun for anyone to create their own website without spending a fortune!

Website Builder Demonstration Site - Go to for more information.
With Website Builder - and its more than 800 easy-to-use templates - you can build your own Website even if you have no technical skills. Just open your Internet browser, select your images and type your text. Just like that, your site gets built or updated. Plus, associate your Website Builder, Quick Blogcast and Quick Shopping Cart sites to create a dynamic Website featuring a complete Internet store… and manage it all from one location.  Take advantage of these favorite features and visitors will think your website was built by a professional!
  • Pre-Built Templates - Select from over 90 templates pre-built with real content.
  • Flash Animation Introductions - Select from over 60 introductions in various categories or upload your own.
  • Music Upload - Add music to your Flash Intro or to a specific Web site page.
  • Forum - Create a forum for visitors to post messages or engage in discussions
  • RSS Feeds - Plug your site into various RSS (Real Simple Syndication) news feeds that keep your content fresh and visitors coming back for more.
  • Guestbook - Add a guestbook to your site to see who's been visiting!
  • Video Uploads - Add movie and video files to your site.
  • NEW! Widgets for weather, maps, news, clocks, Twitter and Flickr® (Deluxe and Premium plans)


Website Builder can get you rolling with both a custom template and pre-built content tailored to your needs.

Specify the type of site you want and Website Tonight creates a five-page site with professional photos and text that you're free to customize.
To build your site from scratch, select blank site and supply your own content and images.
When you start with one of Website Builder's 284 templates, including 93 with professional photos and text, you have the framework for a great site.
Fine tune your template color scheme for the look and feel that perfectly complements your content.
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